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The Art Cart travels with plenty of colourful resources selected to delight and inspire along with all essential tools.​ Our parties encourage creative freedom, imaginative play and use of sustainable materials.

Each theme begins with a gently structured project; children might opt to follow the template or instead choose to explore their own ideas.
Projects are designed to spark playfulness beyond the activity – for example; a costume accessory that transports a child into their imaginary world or a homemade game that enables further play. 

By booking a party you contribute to an ongoing programme of creative delivery with a charity partner. Each ten party or workshop bookings enable The Art Cart to offer a two hour session free of charge.


Based on 10 children:

1.5hours - £120

1hr - £90

We can usually roll with variations to this format

just ask!:

- Party invitation template
- Activity facilitator
- Optional step-by-step project on the chosen theme
- A broad range of creative materials
- Any tools needed for the activity
- Hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes
Paper bags for safe transit of party creations
- Public liability insurance


- Venue (this could be a home or garden, park or hired-space –
as long as we can fit through the door!) We’ll need a surface to get creative on
(a table, groundsheet or rug) and something to keep us all dry
(a permanent or makeshift shelter).
- Adults (responsibility for the children remains with the party hosts – please make sure there are
enough adults to support and safeguard the children in your care).

- Party food and cake

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